Otaki MenZshed — what will they think of next? » November 2015


by Valdis Plato

Arriving at the Shed a week or so ago , there on the lawn was a big red windmill looking thing with Dave and Tracy in animated conversation while the thing slowly turned in the light westerly wind. What is it I asked, a Wind Generator answered Dave, Tracy and I are building it as our project. How did you two get involved with this machine I asked.

Dave’s answer was…..Building a Wind Generator was on my Bucket List, while dismantling a smart drive washing machine a few years ago I decided to use the motor for my project. The motor had to be de-cogged to drive the generator, the magnets would not let go enough to drive the propellers, I could not get it going so the project was put on the too hard list.

On retirement we settled in Otaki where I joined the new Otaki Menzshed , there I met Tracy who knew a lot about electronics and things so over a coffee we chatted about wind generators and my go at trying to build one.

Tracy then chipped in…….I have been interested in alternative energy since the 80s. My father and I have built a variety of solar and wind experiments with mixed success. A few years back I salvaged a washing machine motor intending that one day it would become the heart of a wind powered generator but it sat idle. My interest was renewed when I met Dave at the Menzshed.

Dave has built a fantastic turbine so now its up to me to get some electrical power from it.

Early indicators are not that great but it is a work in progress and a challenge to solve the problems and ultimately get enough useful power from it to charge batteries, run a pump or whatever.

The Menzshed is where ideas become reality, Dave Tracy and now Tracy’s dad Bill are working to make it happen, good on them.

I’m sure Bill’s 83 years of experience will add to the their success. Go Otaki Menzshed !