Hamish Scott – update on Starpath’s creator


Since we reported earlier in the year on Hamish Scott’s achievements in England with his revolutionary Starpath ‘glow in the dark’ footpath, much has happened.
Getting a product to market can be a fraught process. The method for Hamish to exploit his Starpath technology was by franchising. To achieve this has required world-wide patents, which have been ‘eye-wateringly expensive’. Franchising is the best way of keeping control of his concept, with Hamish’s company Pro-Teq supplying the kit.
Things are moving fast. Enquiries have flooded in from around the world, from Panama, Chile, Brazil, Japan and Kuwait. The first franchise sale has just been signed with South Korea, and Hamish is currently in Poland to discuss a 1km Starpath running track. He expect to have six or seven countries signed up by Christmas.
Meanwhile Nissan have decided that Starpath is the way to promote their new electric car. They’ve supplied Hamish with a white car, which he’s coating in Starpath ‘magic paint’, so that it will glow blue at night!

A New Zealand Starpath franchise agreement will be signed in the New Year, and Hamish has undertaken that the first Kiwi Starpath will definitely be in Otaki, implemented in conjunction with Energise Otaki. Watch this space!