Wicked thieves, Good Samaritans

Erin & Conor Colbourne – thanks for your generousity

Eileen Sargeant of Rangiuru road called the Otaki Mail to tell a tale of woe with a happy ending. Eileen wanted mulch and potting mix for her garden. She phoned Hammer Hardware, asking them to leave it ‘inside the front gate’. They duly obliged.
The next day, Eileen was horrified to find it had been stolen. A friend posted a message on the Sunny Otaki facebook site. This got back to Erin Colbourne of Hammer Hardware. Erin & Conor replaced the stolen items immediately. Eileen was thrilled.
An evil spell has been cast on the stolen mulch & mix, ensuring that nothing will ever grow.

Thanks to the Colbourne’s kindness, the Sargeant’s garden will blossom.