Issue April 2015

Content of the April 2015 issue

KCDC Meetings for April 2015

DayDateMeetingTimeVenue Wednesday 1 April Open Day – Long Term Plan 7.00 pm Ōtaki College, 233 Mill Road, Ōtaki Thursday 2 April Corporate Business Committee 10.00 am Council Chambers Ground Floor, 175 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu Wednesday 8...

Transition Towns Otaki potluck 29 April

Next potluck meeting will be Wednesday April 29 at 6pm — for more info contact Belinda McLean, 364-5573 or TTO has links with the...

Reevedon Village: ‘why wait?’

‘Why didn’t I move in sooner’ is the most common question asked by Enliven’s Reevedon Retirement Village residents after settling into their new relaxing...

Birds and Bees, Flowers and Trees!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the monthly meeting of the Otaki Buzz Club.A group of men and women united by their passion for Bees. Most have hives, some like me are gathering information and getting up to speed before taking the plunge.

From our Community Constable, April 2015

Everyone wants to live in a safer town. We all either remember, or have been told, about the times when we never locked our...

Pink Bales Succeeds

Remember those pink bales dotted round the countryside raising money and awareness for country women who have cancer? $23,000 was raised which will go a long way in supporting women and their families as they live with secondary cancer.

When Your Cat Can’t Pee…

Sometimes we notice our cats frequently going (or trying to go) to the toilet. We may describe this as straining, or think that they are constipated. Sometimes they manage to pass little drops of urine which may be tinged with blood. At other times, nothing seems to happen. Your cat may cry out, seem distressed, or become quiet and depressed.

Cancer Society

Anyone affected by cancer, whether they are the patient or support person is welcome to come to our Support Group Meeting, held on 3rd Monday of the month 2pm, Gertrude Atmore Supper Rooms, Memorial Hall, Aotaki Street.

Growing Tomatoes the Watsons Way

At the annual Kapiti Home and Garden Show, local firm Watsons’ star tomato grower gave a demonstration of how the experts grow tomatoes in small spaces. Damon Braddock assisted by KCDC's Green Gardner Hannah Zwartz showed us a cunning device – the old number 8 bent wire trick – growing many tomato plants in pots contained within a large plastic container.

Scouting Awards Celebrated

Sunday 22nd February was ‘Founder’s Day’ which celebrates the birth of Lord Robert Baden Powell, the founder of the Scout Movement is a day for celebration and recognition of good works within the scout movement. Roger Beech- Pooley was awarded the Medal of Merit for Good Service to NZ Scouting.

From the Otaki Mail, March 18, 1935

When Noel Coward, brilliant young English writer, launched his sensational stage success “Cavalcade”, dramatic critics said he had borrowed from the technique of making films. He had used kaleidoscopic symbolism, the close-up and panorama. In their screen play of the subject, which will screen its grand return season to-morrow, Fox Films are paying back with interest; they put “Cavalcade” where it really belongs – into the fluent medium of action – the movie.

Transition Town Otaki: Sustainability in action

Food forest, sustainable gardening, permaculture, locavore—words once unfamiliar to gardeners now crop up regularly in the media and in gardening conversations.All are talking about a way of gardening that is both productive and efficient, making the best use of soil, sun and water. Planting intelligently with a mixture of different trees, shrubs and crops and using chooks, worms or other animals to keep the garden fertile and abundant without expensive fertilisers and pesticides.

OTAKI MUSEUM: The exhibition Otaki Remembers World War I is in...

Otaki Remembers World War I focuses on Gallipoli, as 25 April 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the landing at Anzac Cove. After eight months of battles and heavy losses, the troops had to be evacuated. Gallipoli was a costly failure; the Allies suffered 141,547 casualties of which 44,150 died; Turkey had 251,309 casualties of which 86,692 died. New Zealand had around 8,000 casualties, of which 2,779 died. Otaki just after the war is also featured.

Local Women Supporting Cambodian School Libraries

Fourteen school libraries, a teachers’ conference and a farewell function for a school principal – Helen Walch and Judith Miller’s recent visit to Cambodia was definitely not a leisurely holiday. The two local women are trustees for Books for Cambodia, a small charitable trust that supports the development of some rural school libraries in two Cambodian provinces.

Otaki Historical Society – Pip Devonshire speaking

The speaker for April will be Pip Devonshire, a nationally-known weaver who has exhibited her work around the world. She is a tutor of Maori Art and Design at Te Wananga o Raukawa where she teaches and creates from historic Maori designs, and with her creative talent presents them in a new form.