What’s new at Watsons Gardens in Spring 2014


Spring is here, now’s the time to get planting!



Watsons have twenty varieties ready now, from the

relaible Watsons Special to Moneymaker, Heritage and cherry tomatoes.Se_14_Tomatoimages


Red, Green and Yellow bell peppers. Five varietiesSe_14_capsicumimages


Mild and Red Hot peppers of all shapes and sizesF_Se14_hot-chilli-peppers

Spring Annuals

Hundreds of varieties of potted colour ready to brighten up your Spring garden

Hanging Baskets

All the ingredients available now. Brighten up with some instant colour in a hanging basket.Se_14_HBindexSe_14_hangingbasketimages


Hardy and tolerant, we love these plants in hanging

baskets, or in pots by the front door