What are my rights as a tenant?


What are my rights as a tenant? 

You have a right to enjoy your property privately, undisturbed by others. The landlord has to respect your peace and privacy. If they don’t, the Tenancy Tribunal can fine your landlord. You also have rights regarding rent, bond, property inspections and other renting costs.

What are my obligations and responsibilities as a tenant? 

Unless the landlord agrees in writing to pay for them, you are obliged to pay the power, gas, telephone charges. 

You must also pay water usage charges if:

  • the water supplier charges separately for the water , and 
  • there is a meter to measure how much water was used 

Note that the landlord is responsible for paying any fixed water charges.

During your tenancy, you must not: 

  • intentionally or carelessly damage the premises 
  • use the premises for anything illegal 
  • disturb the neighbours 
  • have more people living in the premises than are specified in the agreement 
  • change the locks, attach fixtures or make any renovations, alterations or additions to the premises unless outlined in the agreement or allowed with written permission from the landlord 

As a tenant you are responsible for:

  • paying the rent on time 
  • making sure the house or flat is used mainly for living purposes 
  • keeping the house or flat reasonably clean and tidy 
  • being a good neighbour (i.e. not disturbing your neighbours or other tenants)  
  • letting the landlord know as soon as damage is discovered or repairs are needed 
  • leaving when the tenancy comes to an end 
  • removing  all your personal items from the house or flat when you leave 
  • leaving the house or flat reasonably tidy, and remove all rubbish at the end of the tenancy 
  • returning the keys to the landlord at the end of the tenancy 
  • leaving any personal items or pieces of furniture provided by the landlord 

For more information and assistance, visit, call or email your local CAB.   Our friendly and trained volunteers will be pleased to assist you and even advocate for you.