Three new exhibitions to open at Mahara


A diverse combination of artwork opens at Mahara Gallery on Saturday, 2 August at 5.00pm, featuring the work of Gordon H. Brown, a founding figure of New Zealand art history, displays of the early and recent work of 35 Kapiti-based embroiderers, and a show based on three young contemporary artists, Cathy Tuato’o Ross, Vanessa Crowe, and Caroline McQuarrie.

Gallery Director, Janet Bayly, said Gordon H. Brown (OBE) had made a rich contribution to New Zealand’s cultural heritage as a curator, art historian, collector, donor, documenter, academic, university lecturer and writer, and now as an artist. His exhibition ‘Works from the Fifties Plus’ uses stylised imagery and vivid colours which suggest a Surrealist and Dadaist at work. His drawings and artist’s books link with the poetry of T. S. Eliot, James K. Baxter and Louis Johnson. Mr Brown will attend and speak at the exhibition opening.

‘Pearls of Embroidery’ is the 30th exhibition of Kapiti Embroiderers’ Guild, and features embroiderers working in the gallery every Wednesday and Friday during the exhibition from 10am to 3.30pm. President Tricia Wheble will speak at the opening and there will also be a floor talk by Helen Marshall on Wednesday 6 August at 11am.

Special guest, Kapiti-based poet and art writer, Mary Jane Duffy, opens the third show, ‘Settling,’ which includes Whangarei-based artist Cathy Tuato’o Ross, who makes objects, gestures, drawings and tableau then photographs them. She has a PhD from Otago University, MFA from RMIT University, and a BFA from Otago School of Art.

Vanessa Crowe lives in Paekakariki, and majored in textiles at Otago School of Art for her BFA and completed an MFA (with distinction) at Massey University in 2008. Currently an art teacher at Massey and Victoria Universities, her art practice brings glimpses of home life into public and gallery spaces.

Caroline McQuarrie is a Wellington-based interdisciplinary artist who focuses on the conventions of photography and hand-crafted objects. She has a BFA from Canterbury University and an MFA (distinction) from Massey University and currently lectures in Photography at Massey University, Wellington.

Vanessa Crowe and Caroline McQuarrie will present an artist’s talk in the gallery on Wednesday, August 27 at 11am.

The three exhibitions run until Sunday 14 September. Contact Janet Bayly 04 902 6242, for further information.