McCann launches UFB petition


“Otaki residents are very concerned at the severe constraints they are facing in their broadband Internet speeds,” says Labour candidate Rob McCann, “particularly at peak usage times.”

“And this unfair situation is likely to continue now that Chorus and the government have colluded to exclude Otaki.”
“We need to send a message to Wellington, that the regions matter. If we want Otaki to grow, we need the technological advantages that come with ultra-fast broadband.

“I’m asking residents to sign a petition urging the Government to connect the community of Otaki to the ultra-fast broadband network as soon as possible.
“This, despite Otaki being identified as a focus for urban growth, having a university, a clean technology centre and a clean technology park programme. With plenty of industrial space and ample room for residential housing, Otaki is a town that has tremendous potential for growth.

“Let’s support regional New Zealand,” says Rob McCann.

The petition is available at McAndrews, Four Square and cafe Ra and can be downloaded at