You’ve Reserved Windows 10 — What’s Next? Tech Talk, August 2015


MichaelLudlam_HeadingPeople who reserved a copy of Windows 10 via the Windows logo that appeared in the bottom right of the task bar will now have received an email from Microsoft advising that Windows 10 will be downloaded to your device sometime after the 29th July…..but should you be upgrading to Windows 10? 

Short answer — Yes… but maybe not right away. Like all software companies, Mi crosoft would like all users to migrate to its new products.   In the case of Windows 10, new software is being designed to take advantage of its new features and new interface style. It’s fully backwards-compatible, so your existing software will still work just fine, but over time you’ll find that if you’re sticking with an older version of the operating system, you’ll be missing out on some great features and capabilities.

That said there’s no rush. If you’re in the market for a new computer later this year, then you should definitely consider Windows 10. But if not, it might be prudent to wait rather than upgrading immediately. If you are coming from a version of Windows earlier the Windows 7 I would wait until Windows 10 becomes more main-stream and then upgrade to Windows 10 bypassing Windows 8 completely.   Windows 10 will have a similar feel (i.e. start button returns) than Windows 8.

My general advice is not to upgrade to the first version of any operating system. You should wait until the first major update or service pack, so you can be confident that any major problems have been fixed – unless, of course, you’re ready to embrace the new and ride the early-adopter wave. Either way, Windows 10 will soon be with us and it’ll be around for quite some time.