Spring into good health by eating fruit & vege 5+ A Day


Health professionals all recommend a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Spring’s wide selection of vibrant produce makes it easy for Kiwis to create healthy, tasty and affordable meals.

5+ A Day group recommends buying in-season produce, as it is bursting with flavour, nutrients and is excellent value. Brightening up your plate with spring produce is a sure-fire way of getting a good dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Nutritionist Carmel Trubuhovich from the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation says there is compelling scientific evidence that a diet high in fruit and vegetables can reduce the risk of many diseases.

“Eating fruits and vegetables is a tried and true recommendation for a healthy diet, and for good reason,” she says. “Fresh produce is low in energy and full of fibre, which helps to fill you up. Also, eating plenty of fruit and vegetables can help ward off a host of diseases, including heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer.”