Information Booklet for People Experiencing Mild Cognitive Impairment or Dementia


MidCentral Health has published a small booklet which offers information, support and guidance to people who maybe experiencing mild symptoms of dementia. Although written for the sufferer it also offers help and guidance to the family.

This small booklet is easy to read, offers advice, identifies early symptoms and in some ways alleviates the fear that such a diagnosis can bring. In its introduction – ‘Living well with mild cognitive impairment or dementia’ it says: A diagnosis can be distressing, however information and support can enable you, your carers and whanau to live well and remain independent for longer.’

The booklets offers advice to continue your life and focus on things you enjoy, encourages you to learn new things to stimulate brain function and develop strategies to cope with memory loss.

The booklet indentifies organisations which can help and support which includes the Eldercare team at MidCentral Health and Supportlinks. There is also some legal advice in this well written and easy to read booklet. Ask you health professional for a copy