Shower of Gold, Thornless rose from Trinity Farm


Au_14_TrinityfarmA lot of people (especially men) complain about roses because they get attacked by the thorns. Shower of Gold could be the answer as the main stems are thornless – there are only tiny prickles at the back of the leaves.

This beautiful rambling rose has an appropriate name. Originally in the garden it grew up a post and along a swag of thick rope that was strung between posts. The canes hung down from the rope forming a waterfall of growth and in spring the profusion of flowers created a literal shower of gold. The double yellow blooms fade to cream and at Trinity Farm they intermittently repeat throughout the season – we have been known to even get the odd flower in winter with slight touches of red tingeing the yellow petals. Shower of Gold belongs to the Wichurana family of rambling roses. This means it has dark green glossy leaves, is hardy and very easy to grow. It will grow some 3-4m and is good trained espalier style along a fence or as described above on a rope or chain swag. It was bred in 1910 in the UK.