Rotary books to Raro


Rotary Club of Otaki members, president Murray Carr, left and Warren Irving, below, with the pallets of books which were packed and ready to go to the Cook Islands Library and Museum in Rarotonga.

“We were quite ruthless at the end of the book fair,” Mr Carr said. “We went through the books and took out anything not top quality.”

Member, Marilyn Stevens had heard there was a need for books for the library in Rarotonga, a need confirmed by others members who had visited there.

The 92 boxes of books were left over from their very successful book fair, held over three weekends at the end of August and beginning of September.

The Otaki club members worked through the New Zealand Defence Force and arranged for the pallets of books to be flown to Rarotonga by the RNZAF, once they arrived in Auckland last week.

It was win-win for everyone, Rarotonga’s need for books filled, a satisfactory and good use for the excess stock from the book fair and no storage problems for Rotary with the remaining stock. SE14_Rotary