Reevedon Village ticks all the boxes

F_OC15_Reevedon-retirees.jpgLevin retirees Ann and Terry Ritson say Enliven’s Reevedon Village in Levin ticked all the boxes during their search for a new home. 

More than three years have passed since they first moved in and they still couldn’t be happier with their choice, Ann explains. 

“Reevedon is so handy to town – you couldn’t possibly get any closer. We’ve got good neighbours and we don’t have to worry about household or garden maintenance because the Reevedon staff deal with all the big jobs,” says Ann.  

On top of Reevedon’s handy location, having Reevedon Home next door is also part of the village’s attraction. 

“There’s always something going on at the home. We get given a programme and village residents are welcome to join in,” Ann explains. 

“Plus if you’re unwell you can have the home bring a meal over for you. The home is there to help if you ever need it. We’re very happy here.”

Terry says when it came to location and affordability Reevedon Village was the clear winner.

“We looked at all our options but we couldn’t fault Reevedon. Everything is a short and easy walk away and it means we can continue socialising and being involved with our clubs and community and maintain our independence, even if we get less mobile.”

Terry says having Reevedon Home next door gives them peace of mind. 

“We don’t know what the future will bring, but we know that we have support there if we need it, and we’d both be able to stay living close to each other.”

Reevedon Retirement Village is operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central. Any surpluses generated are used to improve and develop its Enliven and Family Works services and facilities. 

Enliven can arrange short or long-term healthcare assistance, practical home help, personal care services, meals and house keeping services for Reevedon Village residents. 

Reevedon Village residents are also given preferential entry into Enliven homes, such as Reevedon Home and sister-site Levin Home for War Veterans in Levin. 

To find out more about Reevedon Retirement Village, located at 37 Salisbury Street in Levin, call the village sales agent, Allan Davidson, on 06 366 0444.

For more information about Reevedon Home call the home on 06 368 7900, email or visit

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