Reevedon residents go back to school

Students and Reevedon retirees use the visits to learn something new
Students and Reevedon retirees use the visits to learn something new

Retirees from Enliven’s Reevedon Village and Reevedon Home in Levin have started going back to school.

Since their first visit in April, residents from Reevedon have continued to visit Levin School once a month to join activities with the students, learn from each other and build relationships.

Reevedon recreation officer Davina Rawiri, whom organises events, outings and activities for residents from Reevedon, says the school visits keep residents involved in their local community.

“It’s about companionship, giving back to future generations and sharing stories and experiences together,” says Davina.

“We wanted to do something different to our usual outings of sight-seeing, films and shopping trips, so we thought visiting a local school would be both rewarding and fun.”

She says the school visits benefit the children, too.

“It’s about bridging the gap. Some of the children may not be able to spend time with their grandparents for various reasons, so it gives them that contact,” Davina explains.

“You can tell that they’re bonding and the visits mean a lot to the children, and the village residents love having that contact and involvement with Levin School.”

Levin School teacher Harry Harrison says the school visits are beneficial to everyone involved.

“The visits by the Reevedon folk have been well received by us,” Harry explains.

“Each resident is allocated to a classroom and they do crafts together, play games, or the residents sit and read to the students. It depends on what they decide to do together on the day. It’s kept spontaneous.”

Harry says because of the age gap both the residents and the school students are able to teach each other new things.

“The children and residents have built up a mutual respect and they are learning from each other,” says Harry.

“The students benefit from the visits by having a grandparent role model.”

Reevedon Retirement Village and Reevedon Home are operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, and provide both independent retirement living and residential care in the heart of Levin.

Reevedon Village has villas selling now. Any surpluses generated from Reevedon Village are used to improve and develop its Enliven and Family Works services and facilities.

For more information about Reevedon Village, located at 37 Salisbury Street in Levin, call the village agent on 06 366 0444 or visit to see why the Reevedon lifestyle is right for you.