Ōtaki Energy Co-operative Ltd takes off

A step towards energy independence for the community 

The idea and purpose behind the recently formed Ōtaki Energy Co-operative Ltd is to achieve more independence for the local community in delivering energy efficiency for domestic and commercial consumers. As a Co-operative Company, owned by its members, it allows for a fair and economic co-operation for all, a sharing of the benefits such as better prices for electricity, increased installations of solar panels and other clean energy opportunities as they emerge, to generate power for their own use. This in turn will strengthen the local community. 

[pull_quote_center] independence for the local community[/pull_quote_center]

The increase in community distributed generation and installation of renewable energy options such as solar power (photo voltaic), will have a significant impact on consumption of grid supplied power in the near future. Power generation by photovoltaic panels has become increasingly affordable as prices for panels have plummeted and storage capability like Tesla batteries are developed, though efficiency and value for money is not always achieved.   In this respect the Ōtaki Energy Co-op can assist with evaluation and design to maximise benefits for their members.

Phil Malpas, a Director of the Co-op: “We are excited about being part of the changing power environment. Although the Co-op is based in Ōtaki and the initial focus is the Kapiti Coast, there is no restriction on the areas in which the company can operate”. Trading under the name of Coastal Energy, the company has the tools and equipment that will assist consumers to achieve energy efficiency in homes and businesses.

Official Launch Sunday 1 November

The official launch of the Ōtaki Energy Co-operative Ltd on Sunday 1st November 2015 will be a great opportunity to discover more. 

Everyone is invited to come and join us at 2:pm in the Gertrude Atmore Room (Supper Room) of the Memorial Hall Ōtaki. 

Refreshments will be provided.