Making a Wisteria tree



When we were at Trinity Farm we had room for Wisteria – that wonderful thug of a rambler best seen gracing the fronts of many English country homes. I decided to be creative and grow one as a standalone tree.

An Iranian honeysuckle tree, photographed in Ispahan

It took some time, some energy and much pruning but it was worth it. The plant was stripped of its lateral branches from a central stem, staked to a sturdy pole and with regular care, pruning & tweaking it eventually became a small tree with a canopy of branches. When it flowered it looked spectacular. It takes very little room in the garden, so if you want the joy of wisteria but have no space, wall, pergola or frame, think of creating one as a tree.The Honeysuckle is another thug of a rambler but so pretty and such a wonderful fragrance that it is often a ‘must have’ in the garden. Flowering over a long period is imbues the garden with the joy and smell of summer: hot, still, fragrant and lazy. The same principles apply to Honeysuckle, that wonderful fragrant rambler.