Important changes to the Building Act


If you are thinking of building a house or making renovations to your home there are some important new consumer protection measures that apply from 1 January 2015.

R_CAB_aboutWhat are the Changes?

Before entering into an agreement with a contractor they must provide you with:

A written contract for residential building work that is likely to cost $30,000 (including GST) or  more

A standard checklist and a written disclosure statement with information about:

  • Their skills
  • Qualifications
  • Licensing status and
  • Insurance or guarantees they offer. 

Information after the building work is finished about:

  • Insurances
  • Guarantees or warranties they offer, and
  • Maintenance of the building work.

Also from the 1st of January a new 12 month ‘defect repair period’ (where the contractor must fix any defects they are told about  —  unless they prove the problem is not as a result of defective building  work) will apply along with new ways to take action when the implied warranties in the Building Act 2004 have not been met.  Contractors can be fined if they don’t comply with the checklist, disclosure and contract requirements.

For further information and guidance for homeowners on the consumer protection measures, go to

Check to make sure information is up to date. 

Contact Consumer Affairs by visiting their website to check that information is up to date. 

For further information and assistance, visit, call or email your local CAB.