Future All Whites?

Matthew Braddock, Fergus Roy and Chris Hawley-Stone
Matthew Braddock, Fergus Roy and Chris Hawley-Stone

Three Otaki boys in July travelled to Sydney with Capital Football to play in the M sports cup. Heres a little bit of background. Matthew Braddock, Chris Hawley- Stone and Fergus Roy. Three Otaki Lads, recently spent a week in the big smoke, Sydney, Playing in the M Sport cup for two 13th grade Capital Football teams. The boys were all selected last year for Capital Football’s Federation Talent Centre Kapiti squad, a talent training program that is overseen by NZ Football. They were then invited to be part of two teams that travelled to compete in the M Sports cup in Sydney against 8 other teams, one from Auckland and 7 from Sydney, including Sydney’s top squads.

The boys had an absolutely fantastic time, travelling with some of their Kapiti FTC team, and boys from other teams from lower North Island regions. They got to play with many boys who are their rivals in the weekly Saturday morning club soccer pool, but who are now their friends.

They learned a lot and had an amazing time. One team coming 4th in the competition and the other coming 6th, with minimal points in the difference for playoff spots. It was definitely a trip that they will all remember for a very long time. Matthew Braddock received support from the Otaki Community Board for the cost of his trip, and Chris Hawley-Stone received support from the Otaki Womens Community Club, both were most appreciative of this support towards the cost of their travel.

Shelly Warwick