Ocean View Newsletter September 2015


From a Care Givers perspective

Birthday celebrations Ð Happy 60th Kevin Smith!
Birthday celebrations Ð Happy 60th Kevin Smith!

Aged Care Facilities can conjure up a degree of emotions for people. Bare with me for a moment, as I share my story. For years I told myself I would never ever work in Aged Care. I thought I would need to be desperate and starving to take on care giving…That was until, the need arose, to re think my journey and I secured a job at Ocean View Residential Care and I “fell in love” with my role in this community, cheesy I know, but the honest truth.

As an immigrant child, I grew up not knowing my Grandparents and used to envy my friends when they spoke of theirs. Over the last nine years, I have developed many fond memories shared by the many residents who, like me, have come to love this place they call home. To me, these memories have given me an insight of the relationship between this wonderful generation who have so much to share with us all. I easily feel a closeness to care for these people.

Would I consider moving into aged cared when it is my time? Yes I would at Ocean View. What’s not to love about home cooking, no house work, no power bills to stress over, my laundry done for me and staff here at the home, 24/7. Add the sea views and sunsets, and this story sounds like a cruise ship without the seasickness! We at the home are excited about the new Owners, Wellington couple, Max and Maggie joining our local team here. Looking forward to smooth sailing along Marine Parade.

Pauline McMinn (Senior Care Giver)