From the Otaki Mail, March 18, 1935


When Noel Coward, brilliant young English writer, launched his sensational stage success “Cavalcade”, dramatic critics said he had borrowed from the technique of making films. He had used kaleidoscopic symbolism, the close-up and panorama. In their screen play of the subject, which will screen its grand return season to-morrow, Fox Films are paying back with interest; they put “Cavalcade” where it really belongs – into the fluent medium of action – the movie. From the first stroke of New Year 1900, when we meet the Marryot family – mother, father, two tiny sons, and their staff of servants – to the passing of the old year, 1932, there is not a spare moment to pause over the grandeur of the thing.… The story ends with a terrific climax told in daring symbolism exposing the social madness which followed the war – boredom, poverty, blindness, disease, drink, vice, political and religious irritation. Civilisation has been fought for, bled for, died for, is still on the slippery slope! Can human grit and deathless love bring “greatness and peace again”?