When did a footpath become a speedway for disability scooters, push scooters and bikes? Walking up Main Street on what was once a footpath is now fraught with danger for the elderly plus people on walking frames, crutches, or those using walking sticks and toddlers.

 A footpath, as the name implies, is a pathway for feet to walk on. I have no problem with sharing it but I object to non-walkers taking it over.

 Many disability scooter drivers appear to think they have a right to force walkers out of the way. Their machines are silent so can’t be heard approaching – there is no horn or bell and very little courtesy. Not even ‘thanks’ when one steps aside to avoid being run over.

 Down Mill Road where there’s a cycle lane, most cyclists ignore it and use the footpath. And don’t even think about using a pedestrian crossing on Main Street when there’s cyclists coming along – has there been some law passed which says cyclists are now not required to obey the rules of the road? I’m talking adults here.

 However, all is not lost – I was walking home the other day and became aware that a little boy on a scooter had paused behind me and had slowed to my pace (a fairly fast walk) – I moved over to the side and as he passed, he smiled and said, ‘Thank you.’

 A little child shall lead them…