Energise Otaki update


Clean Technology Interns for Otaki

F_R_CleanTechCentreOm Dolasia, a postgraduate Environmental Engineering student from Western Australia, will be arriving in New Zealand and coming to work in Otaki from mid-July on a range of projects. The intern programme links up young people prepared to provide their skills and labour for free in return for being able to work on interesting and relevant projects.

Thanks to the networks of Otaki’s Stuart Pritchard, who takes a strong interest in developing Otaki’s clean technology base, Om will be working in Otaki for nine months. His partner, Brazilian Environmental Engineer Camila Mazzo will join him, subject to Immigration approval. The programme and projects will be managed in a three-way partnership between Stuart’s New Zealand Central Technology Park, the Otaki Clean Technology Centre and Energise Otaki. Nice one, Stuart.

LED Streetlights being installed

Five pedestrian crossings now have LED streetlights, which give the same light output, but save 70%. Two more crossings on Mill Road will be equipped shortly.

Rod Oram to speak in Otaki

F_JUL15_EO-Rod_Oram.jpgNoted economist and clean technology advocate, Rod Oram will speak in Otaki later in the year.

His talk, open to the public is presented by Energise Otaki, with sponsorship from WWF.