Christmas Is Around The Corner


DE14_Vet_xmastreedogMost of us are gearing up for Christmas and the festive season. However, to enjoy it without any complications there are a few things to remember.

Boxes of chocolate can be sniffed out by a keen canine however well wrapped, and could be poisonous if devoured in large quantities. Plastic wrappings can cause intestinal blockages. Flower arrangements with lilies can delight inquisitive cats but are poisonous if nibbled. Turkey bones can get caught in the mouth, or at the back of the throat. Chop bones can cause obstructions and constipation. BBQ scraps and ham trimmings with their high fat content result in pancreatitis and gastroenteritis.

With animals travelling around the country, especially over the next few months, the spread of infection can be rapid and wide spread. So make sure your pets are protected from disease this summer by being up to date with their vaccinations. And those that need to spend time in the boarding kennels or cattery their vaccinations must be current. If their vaccinations have lapsed it can take up to 6 weeks to get them up to date – so don’t leave it until the last minute!

If your dog suffers from travel sickness, we can now supply travel tablets to spare you and your dog an uncomfortable and stressful car ride. And the time you would have spent cleaning up – you can relax with a glass of bubbly. 

So be careful out there and have a relaxing break. 

And a special thank you to all our clients, furry and otherwise, who have supported us over the last year. 

Angela Ford

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