Busy life at Reevedon

F_MR15_Reevdon-Barbara-TivaluFor Reevedon Home resident Barbara Tivalu there is no slowing down. In fact, Reevedon Home has helped her continue to do the things she loves.

After living at Enliven’s Reevedon Home for seven years Barbara has become part of the team.

“I live here but it’s like I volunteer here at the same time. I like keeping busy,” says Barbara.

From organizing the activity room to helping with the dishes, Barbara gets involved wherever she can.

“I offer to help with anything and I do it because I love it.”

Barbara says she feels like part of a big family at Reevedon Home.

“I like living here and I like the people. The staff are very kind.”

Reevedon recreation officer Davina Rawiri says Barbara is both a resident at Reevedon and one of their most involved volunteers.

“She’s a huge help and is very involved with the activities. She’s the first person to offer to lend a hand.”
Davina says retirement isn’t always about slowing down and Barbara is a testament to that.

“She helps because she loves keeping active and busy. Being helpful is something that is important to her, plus it helps us out at the same time.”

Enliven homes, such as Reevedon Home and Levin Home for War Veterans, use the Eden Alternative, an elder-directed model of care focused on companionship, fun, spontaneity, purpose and activity, Davina explains.

“Rest homes are people’s homes. We work where they live, not the other way around. If residents enjoy helping out around their home then we encourage it.”

That’s because Enliven believes having the opportunity to do things that people find meaningful is essential to human health.

“The Eden Alternative recognizes that people don’t necessarily change as they age, it’s their abilities that sometimes change. Instead of focusing on what people can’t do, we support them to continue doing the things they’ve always done.”

To find out more about Reevedon Home, located at 37 Salisbury Street in Levin, call 06 368 7900, email Reevedon@psc.org.nz or visit www.enlivencentral.org.nz. For more information about Reevedon Home’s sister site, Levin Home for War Veterans, which offers hospital-level and dementia care, call 06 366 0052 or email lwvh@psc.org.nz.