Billycarts at MenzShed

Troy Harris and Tony Evans work on a bike
Troy Harris and Tony Evans work on a bike

Twenty seven children from Kidzone arrived at the Shed, and Ian, Eddy and I were on duty to give them a MenzShed experience.  The children were keen to build a billycart racer just like the one the Sheddies had previously built.  Ian and I were in charge of the billycart production line, while Eddy revved up the wood lathe and demonstrated to groups of children how pieces of wood can be turned into intricate works of art. 

Soon the billycart production line was humming with the children sanding, measuring, drilling and assembling the component pieces.  Such involvement with the process and concentration on the task at hand was a joy to see.  I’m sure for some it was the first time the magic of sandpaper was experienced.  Soon all the bits were coming together as the body was fitted to the wheels and the steering rope attached.  ‘Billy’ was finished.

Now for the road test.  The two carts were wheeled out and push racing started around the storage shed.  Some skids, some falls, but laughter and happy screams for the next hour.  At home-time the children decided to donate ‘Billy’ to Birthright to sell.  The Sheddies promised to make three more carts so that interschool cart racing could be organised with the four carts and the dozens of keen boy — and girl-racers. 

The MenzShed is for young and old, creating happiness, joy and goodwill.