Bike month is right now

F_JN14_Cycling-VillageA group of young children were seen cycling towards the village with two adults, no doubt pupils in Otaki Primary. Happy smiles on the children’s and adult’s faces showed their enjoyment on this beautiful sunny day. Some years ago “Cycle Trains” were established along with the “Walking School Bus” to encourage parents to let their children make their own way to school. Some schools have taken up this idea, but like every other good initiative volunteers are needed to help. Are there any grandparents out there who might offer to help?

Aotaki St cycling circuit
Aotaki St cycling circuit

In Aotaki Street we are so lucky to have the perfect opportunity to teach our children and grandchildren how to cycle safely. Our council has provided a cycling circuit with street signs, pedestrian crossing and even a roundabout next to the skateboard park.

There have been some complaints about children, young adults and even adults cycling on the footpath both at the village and on Mill Road. I can understand that parents tell small children to cycle on the footpath, but teenagers and adults can either walk on the footpath or cycle on the road. Mill Road has a dedicated cycle lane most of the way. Kapiti Coast District Council, can we please have this extended?

The speed limit through the village is 30 k which means a short braking distance, but you must keep well away from parked cars. Remember each trip done on the bicycle saves emissions.

By Liz Mikklesen