Otaki Community Board May 2014

By Margaret Andrews

Public Speaking

F_R_Otaki-community-boardAnn Lawler spoke to the proposed $380,000 splash pad to be installed at Haruatai Park, saying the funds could go to a number of community groups. She believes the beach area has been “very neglected” and suggested the splash pad could go down there. Also, what about something for the teens such as adventure equipment.

She asked for clarification of reserves fund as against council rates. Chair, James Cootes responded funds in the Reserves Fund were contributed through land developments and could only be used for public developments, eg play equipment at Otaki parks, major works rather than “titivating” small things. Some projects have been completed, others are in progress or will be done at a later date.

Charles Ropata spoke of frustrations with bus timetabling to Paraparaumu. He would like to see a midmorning bus returning at 2pm. He queried the lack of bus shelters – only five shelters among 33 stops. And concerns the bus to Otaki from Waikanae often doesn’t wait beyond timetable limits when buses replace trains, leaving passengers stranded in Waikanae.

Mr Cootes responded the Board wasn’t happy with Greater Wellington Regional Council’s strategy and would certainly be making issues and concerns known through submission to the GW annual plan process.

Malcolm Thorpe expressed his and residents thanks for the ongoing support for Oriwa Street residents and tree issues. They were awaiting a satisfactory and positive outcome for all.

(Since the OCB meeting on April 29, all court charges against residents and the contractor have been dismissed) Kapiti Lane resident, Janet Lang, spoke of concerns and issues of the residents’ southern end of Otaki Beach including vehicles access to the beach, duck shooters and freedom campers. Trail and quad bike riders were riding through the dunes and over areas which have been extensively planted by local residents. Mr Cootes noted there were similar problems at the north end of the beach and asked that registration plates of vehicles and trailers used to transport bikes be recorded and forwarded to the police. He would organise an onsite meeting with residents at a later date. Concerns re duckshooters near the walkway and campers would be addressed at a later date.

Councillor David Scott offered a bouquet to the Board, which he considers the best in representation and involvement in the Kapiti district. Noting the Clean Technology Centre to which the Kapiti District Council has $1 million invested, its representation on the Tuesday Group (Otaki Community Network Forum), and (indirectly) the recent television documentary on the building of Ngapurapura.

Grant Applications

The following applications for funding from the Community Grants Fund were approved: Waikanae Performing Arts Society granted $500 towards costs of sending a team to the national competition in Auckland – the team includes four children from the Otaki ward.

The Kapiti Concert Orchestra granted $500 to assist with costs of venue hire for their upcoming 10th anniversary concert in Otaki. Orchestra member, Frances Tull, was available to speak to the application and noting also a further concert with pianist Michael Houston in November.

Otaki College application for $500 to assist with costs of Project Solar, an umbrella project being developed in partnership with the College, Energise Otaki and clean technology businesses. This will lead ultimately to the installation of photovoltaic panels on roofs at the college providing alternative power for the college and the national grid, and energy efficient green building projects. Principal, Andy Fraser, spoke to the application. The Rimutaka Inline Hockey Club granted $480 from the Sporting Activity Grants fund to begin a Hockey on Wheels programme in Otaki, targeting children in the seven to 10 year bracket.

The Horowhenua Cancer Society granted $247 for remission of fees to hire the Memorial Hall Supper Room for the Otaki Cancer Support Group meeting venue, from the Building and Resource Consents Grant Fund. A representative from all organisations was present to speak to their application.

OCB Submission to Annual Plan

The Board approved to the submission to the KCDC Draft Annual Plan, noting points including provision of further bus shelters, maintenance and improvements to the Marine Parade area especially the pavilion and former basketball court, request for provision seats and tables near the Haruatai tennis courts and playing fields. There were concerns at lack of ultrafast broadband into Otaki, public transport particularly electrification of rail to Otaki, the future of Otaki i-Site on SH, Pathways to Youth Employment Programme.

Matters Under Action

NZ Transport Agency has installed one electronic speed recorder on the north bound lane leading up from the round-a-bout. A request has been made for an installation of another on the southbound lane in the 50 kilometre zone near the Highway Baptist Church, the scene of many speeding vehicles.

Concrete Doctors are currently trialling a possible treatment to clean/seal footpath tiles in Main Street.

Road frontage near/at County Road is KCDC property, planting and beautification should be completed by the end of May 2014.

Board members met with the Otaki Boating Club members on April 9, to further the application for club premises site.

Bus shelter at Coastlands Shopping Centre: there is ongoing work between KCDC, OCB, Greater Wellington and Coastlands management re extension of bus shelter in the carpark area.

There is continuing follow-up on CCTV camera at the skatepark and beach pavilion.

Mr Cootes spoke of his visit to the Waitohu Stream Care Group “…an education for me…” he viewed areas of beach and sand dune restoration and also the south beach area with the Kapiti Lane residents.

The Otaki Community Volunteer Patrol has increased their patrols to include Te Horo and Te Horo Beach and have begun some daytime patrols. Members assisted at community events including the recent Kite Festival.