Watsons Gardens: Capsicums and Eggplants on Special!

MR15_Watsons-eggplantCapsicums and Eggplants on Special!

Huge gro-bags of big plants covered in fruit Jalapenos are looking great, too. Eggplants covered in glossy black fruit
They’re ready to eat at only $12 each !

Our huge nursery is full of colour and variety.

  • We have 10 varieties of Hebes coming into flower.
  • Lacecap & mophead Hydrangeas are looking great
  • Lavenders – Super, Grosso, Major & Sidonie
  • Perennial Salvia – dark and light blue


Bell Street
Open Monday-Saturday, 9 –5

A wide range of seedlings, shrubs vegetables, grasses, fruit trees