Waitohu Tryathlon

AP15_Waitohu-Tryathlon-6It was a hard slog for some of the younger children at Waitohu School as they ran, cycled and swam their way through the annual tryathlon or duathlon of run and swim.

From the start, running laps around the school field and then cycling either round the field or up Waitohu Valley Road, where the oldest competitors including a return length of Greenwood Boulevarde, and back before heading school pool to completing one to six laps walking or swimming round the pool. How many laps depended on age.

The different age groups had age appropriate distances to cover and year group had separate races, except for the oldest kids. Those 10,11,12 year students ran in a mixed race, with results awarded to place getters, both the boys and girls. They ran six laps of the field, cycled 4.5kilometres up to the end of Greenwood Boulevard, before swimming six laps of the pool and a final dash to the finishing line. With most of the noncompeting children and plenty of parents and grandparents shouting and yelling encouragement from the sideline there was plenty of support for all the children.

AP15_Waitohu-Tryathlon-3One of the closest finishes was in the seven years girls, with Montana Housiaux-Roderique crossing the finishing line centimetres in front of Dayna Wong, who was pipped in the last seconds!

The five year olds, most wearing their cycle helmets ready to jump on their bikes after running a lap around the field, took off for a one cycle lap and then off to the pool to walk one lap.

This is an annual event on Waitohu’s sports calendar with all children encouraged to take part.

First place getters were:

  • five years: boys, Kaylis Peneha; girls, Jeanna Bevan;
  • six years: boys, Jeremiah Qaranivalu; girls, Brooklyn Perenara;
  • seven years: boys, William Eastwood; girls, Montana Housiaux-Roderique;
  • eight years: boys, Lucas Mildenhall; girls, Sarita Fulford;
  • nine years: boys, Raymond Su; girls, Gracie Cootes;
  • 10-11-12 years: boys, Fletcher Carpenter; girls, Ambara Hussain.

Margaret Andrews