Three Otaki Boys Luck Out


F_R_MR15_CapitalFootballThree Otaki footballing lads are off to Sydney to have a total football experience. When asked the ignorant question whether this was rugby, father Willie Roy said “No. Soccer is now called football”. The boys, Chris Hawley-Stone, Mathew Braddock and Fergus Roy have been chosen by the Capital Football Centre to be in three Under 13 teams to attend. Whether it is luck or plain hard work and talent at play here, these Otaki College boys are very skilled and hardworking and well deserving of the opportunity to get in to the talent centre. They now have the chance to take on what the Aussies have to offer in their chosen sport.

Fund raising is about to begin. Each boy needs to raise $2,500 to take advantage of this splendid opportunity, and would be grateful for your support.