The Greenery: Pea straw


F_R_The-GreeneryPea Straw

We have bales of locally grown pea straw available now. Pea straw is a natural mulch and soil conditioner which will improve your soil structure, water retention, suppress weeds, protect roots from temperature extremes and add nitrogen to your soil. $23 each or 2 for $40.

Hedging & Shelterbelts

You can’t beat a good hedge! Sustainable and aesthetically pleasing; hedges & shelterbelts make the best screens or barriers. We have good numbers and grades of hedging plants in store now.

Get in quick and select your new hedge from our range of Griselinia, Corokia, Pittosporums, Ake Ake, Totara, Buxus, Lonicera, Eugenia, Escallonia, Camellia, Italian Alder, Cuppressus, Westringia, Michelia, Teucrium, Muehlenbeckia, Feijoa and more.