Te Horo talk May 2015



New kid on the block: State 1 Designs

State 1 Designs: New kid on the block
State 1 Designs: New kid on the block

Te Horo’s old veggie shop has been granted a new lease of life. Previously a hand-crafted jewellery outlet, the wee space has been enlarged — walls removed, new ones erected, washed and cleaned and given a fresh, white coat of paint.

Situated on State Highway 1 beside The Red House Café, ‘State 1 Designs’ has an eclectic selection of jewellery, garden and wall art as well as tote bags, cushions, shades, bed and table linen created by Kapiti-based ‘Splodge Designs.’ All items are handmade and affordable, many by locals, and have a fun, funky element.

‘State 1 Designs’ is open Wednesday till Sunday, 10.00am – 3.00pm. You can also find them at www.facebook.com/state1designs

Otaki Hydroponics

Sustainable gardening with a strong emphasis on organic products is the focus of Otaki Hydroponics, as well as the extensive range of water tanks, compost bins and hydroponic systems. You’ll also find a good range of Kings Seeds (many are heritage or organically certified) as well as fertilisers such as Rocsolid, planter boxes, starter kits for kids and raised beds.

If you’re keen to extend your growing season or feel a need to grow demanding plants, owners, Ross Maycroft and Kay McLennan, have home greenhouses and cloches, chook tractors (Ross has built several tractors, all slightly different), and those miracle soil fertilisers, worm castings and worm leacheate (and worms) are also available.

Water tanks (Ross can install if required) are an ideal solution to help reduce water waste and financial assistance from council is possible.

“People who live in the Kapiti Coast District Council area may be entitled to council assistance to get a rainwater tank installed,” said Kay.

She is quick to point out that Otaki Hydroponics is not your everyday garden centre.

“We don’t sell plants per se. Our focus is on supplying products that allow you to grow them.”

The couple have owned the business since 2009, “three years in July,” and have rejuvenated the environment, both inside and out.

“It was pretty rundown — we gave it a bit of a shakeup.”

Bird and wildlife sanctuary: Free as a Hawk Refuge

Free as a Hawk Refuge is a Te Horo-based bird and wildlife sanctuary. Established in 2012 by Taneile Hoare, it provides a safe haven for injured or orphaned birds (native and introduced species), and animals. Many require rehabilitation and medical treatment and the Refuge’s aim is to return as many healthy animals to their natural habitat as possible, or “they stay here with us or we find a forever loving home for them.”

The sanctuary is a non-profit organisation and relies on donations to operate. For further information call Taneil 021 1786261 or freeasahawkrefuge@hotmail.com

Te Horo Community Hall AGM

Support your local community by attending the Te Horo Community Hall AGM on Monday, 15 June, 7.30pm. Several long-standing committee members are standing down so a number of enthusiastic, new faces are required.

Country Market

Te Horo’s monthly community market is on Sunday, 3 May, 10.00am-12.30pm. Based in and around Te Horo Hall the market offers a wide array of local, fresh produce, garden plants (including seedlings), home-baking, jewellery and handcrafts.

Craft circle

The Circle meets Wednesday, 13 May, 10.00am onwards at Te Horo Hall. No membership required — just come along with whatever you’re currently working on.

Drinks and Nibbles

Bring a plate of finger food, hot or cold, and something to drink to Te Horo Hall, Friday, 1 May, 5.30pm. It’s an ideal opportunity to meet new folk in the community and catch up with old friends.

Vivienne Bailey