Te Horo Garden Centre’s Spring offerings



Shade-tolerant, with striking foliage. From miniatures for rock gardens to large-leaved with heart-shaped foliage that can range from vegetable-green through dark green to blue, some with white edges . We have a dozen interesting varieties, including H plantaginea, with scented flowers.Se_14_Hosta3Se_14_Hosta2

Hosta plantaginea
Hosta plantaginea


Grear companion plant for Hostas.

Feathery plumes of white, pink, or lavender flowers.


Clivia are hardy, low maintenance, shade-loving South African plants. We have a good variety from the breeder Mr Goodwin of Waikanae. They are quite rare.


The Acer family from Japan is renowned for its fabulous Autumn colour. We have lots of different Maples, from Patio plants to serious trees. Foliage to die for.