Susie Mills Law in Otaki



Shortly, McLarens Law Offices will re-open under the Susie Mills Law banner. This is the lawyer who has a splendid new office in Aputa House, near Mahara Gallery in Waikanae. Now she’s taking on Darryl McLaren’s business, offering her brand of experienced, approachable, down to earth legal assistance in Otaki. 

Daryl Mclaren and Susie Mills
Daryl Mclaren and Susie Mills

Who is Susie Mills?

She’s been in Kapiti since she was five, so she’s definitely a local. She once lived in Kapiti Lane, probably the most charming little street at Otaki beach, and in the most charming house on the street. She’s an accomplished glass artist. Her daughter went to Te Horo School, so her local credentials are pretty well-established.

She now lives at Waikanae Beach, in the house her parents built 55 years ago. She’s a member of the Waikanae Volunteer Fire Brigade, and the Field Way Dune restoration group. Susie’s also a trustee of the Assam Medical Trust, set up by two Otaki doctors, to educate girls in India.

Susie’s introduction to the world of commerce was at the iconic Wellington pie cart, adjacent to the railway station, with her brother and sister. Once she’d finished her law degree at Victoria, the siblings embarked on a takeaway bar in Hataitai, before they all went off in their own professional directions. Susie joined NZPO as a staff solicitor, before several years with two major Wellington Law practices.

In 1996 she took a year off and studied at the Glass school at Wanganui polytechnic, on the advice of her stained glass tutor in Wellington. In her Waikanae office there’s a small gallery of local art, with large glass bowl that shows Susie’s skill. In the writer’s opinion, it’s pretty smart, too.

Practising law in a country town is pretty straightforward. Litigation and criminal law are for the big city lawyers. Here, Susie and her team offer expertise in ‘legal work that ordinary people need’. Lyn and Heather who have capably run the McLaren office for years will provide continuity. Susie and her associate solicitor Fleur Hobson will time-share between the Waikanae office and the Otaki office, to provide expertise.

Daryl will remain available for consultation, leaving Susie, Fleur, Lyn & Heather to offer experienced, approachable solutions to everyone’s legal needs.

Lloyd Chapman