Stray Pets


F_Au_14_MissingAt the clinic we often have stray pets handed in.

Sometimes it is easy to reunite them with their actual owner but a lot of the time unfortunately we are unable to do so.

What can you as an owner do to ensure you will get your pet back should it be missing?

The most important thing is to microchip your pet and register it with the New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR).

Cats and dogs can wander long distances, get in cars unnoticed and travel far before being spotted.

If your pet is only registered with the local council their information will not be available to any other council in New Zealand.

Being registered with the NZCAR however, details of owner & animal are easily accessible for places with microchip readers (vets, SPCA).

Other steps to take are:

  • Inform the council of missing dogs. Inform neighbours and ask them to check houses, garages and sheds for the missing pet. Contact all vets in your area.
  • Prepare leaflets with your pet’s and your contact information and put them up in the neighbourhood.

What to do when you find a stray animal. First ensure that it really is astray. If it looks in a poor condition and hangs around your house for most hours of the day then there is a high chance it might be a stray. Take it to your nearest vet clinic who will check for a microchip and check against their database of missing animals. They will inform you of further necessary steps.

Angela Ford

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