Starpath illuminates an Aston Martin


JN15-Starpath.jpgOtaki’s son and Global award-winner Hamish Scott, inventor of the STARPATH innovation phenomenon, lights up an Aston Martin DBS for the Gumball3000 Rally and launches Nevana Designs, creators of a bespoke UV material that can be applied to virtually any surface.

Hamish Scott, global award-winner for STARPATH and other incredible UV innovations, launches Nevana Designs by showcasing this unique UV formula applied to the Aston Martin DBS in preparation for the Gumball3000 Rally. This flawless example of precision craftsmanship on the car literally comes alive at night.

David Morgan (Team 46), owner and driver of the Aston Martin DBS who is setting off from Stockholm on the 24th May and heading to Las Vegas, said: “Personally, I wanted a car that would stand outamong the collection of supercars and what better way to do it than make it glow? Hamish Scott rose to the challenge and the car will definitely turn heads around the globe. It is positively mind-blowing and feels like touching glass, smoother than regular car paint, whilst aesthetically something futuristic and completely out of this world — it is spectacular, day or night.”

Hamish Scott added: “I have now invented a material that can be applied to any surface, including bikes, bike helmets, boats, safety equipment on the water’s edge, fire extinguishers, floors, walls, ceilings, yachts, kitchen counters, trees, spectacles. You name it — I can make it come alive at night.”

It’s only a matter of time before Starpath comes to New Zealand, and Hamish tell us the launch will be in Otaki. Watch this space!