Scammers targeting the Otaki Community


F-JN15-scammersOtaki Medical Centre would like to alert their patients to scammers phoning (usually in the evenings) and claiming to be from the Otaki Medical Centre.

A very “on to it” patient from Otaki realised very quickly that it was a scam and hung up.

Callers are asking several personal questions, asking about their credit cards and offering products at discounted prices.

Otaki Medical Centre’s practice manager Christine Clements has spoken to police who say they are aware of another reported complaint coming from the same number as was given to the Otaki resident. This number is 09 9849486. Of course this is not a valid number and all calls from Otaki Medical Centre will come from 06 364 8555.

If you do get such a phone call and have any doubts about its authenticity, hang up and call your medical centre. They will confirm if they have authorised anyone to conduct any kind of survey.

Otaki Medical centre would NEVER call asking for your credit card details and offering products at discounted rates.

A similar situation has also been happening in Waikanae.

The recommendations’ from the Police are:

Do not give any personal or financial informaton to the caller (just hang up without entering into conversation)

Ask your telecom provider to block the number (as mentioned above) from your phone.

They also suggest you visit the Scamwatch web site.

The aim of Scamwatch is to provide you with the information you need to protect yourself from scams so you can recognise a setup and avoid the hook and the inevitable sting of a scam. You are also able to report a scam on this site.

The information provided in this article also applies to “door knockers”. If you don’t recognise the caller do not give any personal information.