Reevedon Home’s battle of the bowls

Reevedon Home resident Lenore Hayfield makes bowls look easy
Reevedon Home resident Lenore Hayfield makes bowls look easy

Enliven’s Reevedon Home in Levin held their annual inter-rest home bowls tournament on Wednesday 13 May, which saw seven rest homes from Foxton and Levin competing for the champion title.

Reevedon Home recreation officer Davina Rawiri says each rest home supplied a team of four players who were supported by staff and spectators from their homes.

In the grand final Summerset was edged out by Enliven’s Levin Home for War Veterans by one point and received the official bowls tournament trophy.

Davina says the annual bowls tournament is a great way for Horowhenua homes to get together.

“It’s a great way for residents to socialise and meet new people, plus it’s a lot of fun,” Davina explains.

“Because we have a raised indoor bowling green at Reevedon Home it’s accessible to everyone, regardless of their mobility needs.”

Reevedon Home resident Lenore Hayfield has lived at the home for four years and says bowls is a big part of the activity programme at Reevedon Home.

“It’s a bit of fun. I play a couple of times a week here and every Friday Levin Home comes to play with us,” Lenore explains.

“I used to be a good bowler back in the day, but my eyesight isn’t the best now so I can’t really see the balls — I’m getting by with sheer luck but that’s part of the fun.”

Reevedon Home provides rest home care, respite care and health recovery, as well as an engaging day activity programme for the family carer to have a break while their loved one takes part in activities and socialises with like-minded people in a safe and friendly environment.

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