Public feedback around home management prompts change


F_R_midcentralMidCentral District Health Board has listened to feedback from clients around proposed home management changes, and has made the decision to not proceed with the planned reduction. The immediate reduction to one hour a fortnight will no longer go ahead. Instead, a different approach has been agreed upon, where people who would have been impacted by the change will keep their allocation, and Supportlinks will work to personally review each client over the coming months. This process will review the group against current policy to determine the level of care each client requires based on their needs.

General Manager, Funding and Planning, Craig Johnston thanks the public for their feedback. He said: “The people of our district are never afraid to speak up if they feel something isn’t right, and we have a commitment to listen to those who use our health services. In this case, people feel that any change in service level should be sensitive to the client’s needs. We have taken this on board and will keep everyone’s hours as they are, as we gradually review each person concerned to ensure everyone is receiving an appropriate level of care.”

People who receive the service will get a letter within the next couple of weeks notifying them of the further change. There is the potential for this second change to cause confusion, and if this is the case, the team at SupportLinks on 0800 221 411 will be happy to answer questions. Local advocacy groups such as Greypower and Age Concern have also been notified, and can provide clarification where needed.