Otaki Rotary News: Presentation of Paul Harris Fellow to Ngaire Lutz

Ngaire Lutz receives Paul Harris award from Graham Carthew
Ngaire Lutz receives Paul Harris award from Graham Carthew

The success of Otaki Rotary over the last 50 years, has been due, in no small part, to the help of member’s wives and partners. So many of our projects and functions would not have got off the ground without their assistance.

Tonight, we are acknowledging the help they have provided, and we are thanking and honouring one person in particular.

Ngaire has been part of Otaki Rotary for over 50 years, her then husband Russell being a founder member. Ngaire has always been a vibrant, enthusiastic supporter of Rotary.It has been our privilege to know Ngaire over the years, and witness the contribution she has made, often quietly in the background, but also with the energy she brings to everything she touches.

Ngaire has had some of the hard knocks life can throw at you, but she has faced them with enormous courage and has got through them.

Tonight we also remember Russell Hillas, a real gentleman, and I know he would quietly agree with everything that I have said.

It has been wonderful that Ngaire’s connection with Rotary has been able to continue through her marriage, to a very special member of the Club, Carl.

Recently Ngaire made a significant financial contribution to improve the hall, and so strengthen this Club and the service it is able to provide to the community. Thank you.

In Otaki Rotary, a Paul Harris Fellow is a way of honouring a person for their outstanding contribution to Rotary and our community. Ngaire has done this for nearly 50 years.

Tonight, it is our honour to present Ngaire Lutz with a Paul Harris Fellow.

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