Otaki Kids Safe Crossing Group Plant Natives

From left: Penny Gaylor, Robyn Dean (teacher Waitohu School), James Cootes and Shelly Warwick (OKSCG). Front row: Rhys Hawea, Aleisha Blakeley, Josephine Rings and Macy Carlyon (Waitohu) and Nick Flemming, Matthew Braddock and Harrison Carpenter (Otaki College)

On September 3, Shelly Warwick and some community volunteers planted 80 natives in County Road, near the underpass. The underpass provides safe passage to & from school for many primary and college children. “Waitohu has the highest proportion of children being transported by car”, said Shelly.”The underpass works fine, but people with wheelchairs or prams are unable to use it. Safety remains an issue, and NZTA have promised another Speed Indicator Device. but failed to deliver. Thanks to Penny Gaylor, KCDC have donated plants to beautify the surroundings of the underpass” she said. Children from Waitohu School and Otaki College enjoyed planting, assisted by Derek Ratou and Tyrone Towhiti of KCDC, and Otaki Community Board chair James Cootes, who provided a great morning tea.