New print shop in town


MY15_new-print-Web2print.jpgThe drums are beating around town about a new print shop. When this is corroborated by a couple of charitable organisations who have received good support, you are inclined to sit up and take notice.

I found Otaki resident Tim Beere and his company Web2print in Rimu Street, over the road from Concrete Doctors, round the corner from Hammer Hardware. Tim has a large bright factory full of printing equipment, turning out everything from business cards to huge corflute sheets for Real Estate agents. Most of his business comes off the web, backed up by a guaranteed 24 hour turnaround, run by Tim, Elizabeth and Gary.

Printing is a precarious business, as Tim will tell you. Five years ago, he and his wife owned Elizabeth Taylor Graphics in Paraparaumu, which in its heyday had 14 staff and a turnover of several millions of dollars. When the downturn hit, the recession was long and deep, and they went broke. Wiser now, they’re here in Otaki, providing a quality of service that guarantees their success.

Tim Beere joined the army learning a trade as a radio technician. After 10 years service he went into business in Paremata as a TV repair man. This led to a retail business, trading as Bright Spot appliances, which was eventually swamped with the introduction of the big appliance retailers. This was the end of the small retailer and the beginning of his passion for printing. Tim was well-grounded in service: ‘all you needed was to give good service, and to put a pleasant face on it.’

Understanding the customer and keeping him satisfied is a mantra that can’t fail, and is why Web2print is attracting such good feedback in Otaki.

Why Otaki? Well, the cost of living is cheaper, there’s a great quality of life, real estate is well priced and it’s easy to do business here. His business is Signs, Business Cards, Brochures, Marketing graphics and Real Estate signs. If you have a look at, you’ll find a user-friendly website that lets you design your signs and graphics. If you’re an estate agent or private seller, you can upload your property images and description into one of Tim’s templates, and have the sign you’ve designed delivered by courier tomorrow. All from Otaki. All without UFB broadband!

If you’re the Otaki RSA, you will have received 80 adhesive labels for your Anzac Day commemorative crosses, as part of the Menzshed’s fantastic effort, all provided gratis by Tim as a gesture of community support.

Web2Print have some advanced printing gear that will make banners up to 6 metres or more in length, print onto weather-proof boards 2400 x 1200mm, or on the miniature side, he can print stick-on waterproof labels the size of a credit card.

One day, the Otaki Mail may be printed in Otaki, and guess who might be doing it? Lloyd Chapman

Lloyd Chapman