Insuring Our Loved Ones


Se14_PetOur pets are important members of the family and we will do all we can to care for them and provide any veterinary care they may need. Except, that sometimes financial constraints limit how much medical or surgical care we can realistically provide. This is more and more of an issue, now that veterinary medicine and surgery is becoming increasing sophisticated, and following not too far behind human medicine.

For instance, recently we saw an old Labrador with Laryngeal Paralysis, a common condition whereby the laryngeal cartilages fail to open and therefore results in severe breathing difficulties especially on exercise. Surgical Treatment to tie back the cartilages is expensive at $3000 and without treatment the dog will have a very restricted life. We often see dogs with anterior cruciate ligament rupture, causing hind limb lameness, a condition seen commonly in All Blacks and netballers too. The surgical treatment in small dogs is around $1500, but in larger dogs $4000. Ongoing medical conditions will also challenge the pocket, a heart condition, or skin condition may require medication that could easily be $500 a month, and that certainly adds up over the years.

Pet Insurance is now becoming the norm as pet owners realise that providing the best care can come at a considerable cost Pet Insurance means you don’t have to make difficult decisions about treatment based on cost and your vet can give your pet the best treatment available without worrying about a budget.

Angela Ford

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