Holiday time at the library


During the two weeks of the holidays Kapiti libraries celebrated 50 years of reading Roald Dahl’s popular children’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory since it was first published with candy creations for the children.

In the first week librarian Pam Coleman began each session by reading a section from the book. Then the children had time to make “fantastical” lollipops – light card cut-outs which they could decorate and add a stick to. In the second week they designed their own candy machine. There were many brilliantly coloured lollipops produced, just not edible!

Their imaginations were really put to work to create a candy machine – they were provided with some coloured cut out shapes to help make their creations and while most were two dimensional, two or three of the older children designed a very innovative three dimensional machine!

“Over the two days, it was fun and nice to see families coming out and enjoying some time together,” Ms Coleman said.

She was pleased with the activities provided, saying they were straight forward for younger children.

“Roald Dahl is always popular and who can resist chocolate!” she said.
They also held an afternoon with the 11 years plus children, making bracelets with the popular “loom bands” tiny rubber bands which they weave into jewellery and other items, which also proved to be popular.