Handy Keyboard Shortcuts » Tech talk November 2014


 1. Add a Bookmark – Ctrl + D

Tab your new favourite website for easy access by bookmarking the page with the above quick trick.

2. Delete Forever – Shift + Delete

Instead sending a deleted item the recycling bin first use the shift key to permanently delete it

3. Close Browser – Alt + F4

Close your web browser with the above key combination

4. Show Desktop – Window key + D

If you have lots of windows open on your computer and you want quick access to your desktop

5. Reopen Previous Tab in Browser – Ctrl + Shift + T

Have you ever accidentally closed the browser tab you were looking at and had to spend time backtracking to find it again? The shortcut above will restore that page to you almost instantly.

6. Switch between Open Programs – Alt + Tab

Navigating between open screens can get confusing. Make it easy to move among all your programs with this quick trick.

7. Take a Screen Shot – [Print Screen] (Then paste [Ctrl + V] into Ms Paint or you word processing program)

Capture an image of what you’re working on instantly with a screen grab it’s particularly useful for Web pages you can’t copy and paste.

8. Refresh a Webpage – F5, or Ctrl + R

Whether you’re waiting for a new email to arrive or waiting for a webpage to update, easily refresh your screen using the keys above.

9. Add “http://www” to Your Browser’s Address Bar – Ctrl + Enter

Just type in the name of the webpage you’d like to go to (for example, type “Google”), then press the above keys to add the “http://www.” to the beginning and “.com” to the end.

10. Select the Address Bar – Ctrl + L, or F6

When you want to quickly type a new URL into your browser, this shortcut will easily select the address bar for you, so you can start typing without moving your mouse.

By Michael Ludlam