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F_R_The-GreeneryAsparagus D’ Argenteuil

In store now, an heirloom asparagus traditionally grown at Argenteuil, 14km northwest of Paris, since the 1800’s. In France Asparagus D’Argenteuil is the traditional variety used to create the popular white asparagus known as ‘edible ivory’ or ‘white gold’ and typically sells for 2 or 3 times as much as the green ones! The secret to growing white asparagus.. mounding the earth over the spears as they push through the soil.

The fragrance of Summer

It’s time for sitting outdoors on a summer evening and enjoying the wafts of fragrance from exotic smelling plants. Plan for purfume around your outdoor spaces this summer by planting some of these summer scented favourites available at The Greenery now; Dianthus, Roses, Heliotrope, Citrus, Star Jasmine, Lavender and Australian Frangipani.

Tui Mulch and Feed

Now is the time to lay down a protective blanket of mulch for your plants.  As Summer hots up your garden will appreciate the benefits’ of a good thick layer of Mulch. Tui Mulch and Feed not only helps your soil retain precious moisture but it also suppresses weeds by blocking out the light which germinates many weed seeds, thus saving you lots of work! Tui Mulch and Feed; made up of peastraw, bark fines and blood & bone,  will also condition your soil as the good greeblies in your soil break it down and as a result increase your soil’s fertility.

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