Getting Rid of Sugary Drinks


There is a new product on the market to help end the need for sugary drinks. Endorsed by Beatrice Faumuina, ‘Just Water’ has launched its popular enhanced water, VitaBlast®, in the greater Wellington region. Unlike many other so-called health drinks, VitaBlast® is Vitamin C enhanced and has no added sugar.

While the Otaki Mail is not a vehicle for free advertising this seemed too good to ignore given the ever increasing problem of obesity and Diabetes. Sugary drinks are undoubtedly a key reason. Commonwealth gold medal champion Beatrice Faumuina points out that on average 50 people are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in New Zealand every day. That is a huge burden for families and the health system.

“We are now seeing children as young as 10 being diagnosed with diabetes which is devastating. One of the proven contributing factors to this epidemic is sugar loaded drinks,” she says. “Sugarless drinks are one way to help solve this problem.”

Beatrice Faumuina says lots of people drink fruit juice for the Vitamin C and health benefits. “What they are not aware of is that a litre of fruit juice has approximately 26 teaspoons of natural occurring sugar. Also where Vitamin C is known to help with the immune system unfortunately one teaspoon of sugar will suppress the immune system for up to forty minutes,” she says. The aim is to get people to change their habits.  

Ann Chapman