From the Ötaki Police


F_R_NZ_Police_LogoIn recent weeks their have been a number of burglaries and thefts in the Ötaki Beach and rural areas. Items targeted in these incidents include property that can be carried, quad motorcycles, motorcycles and diesel.

Police ask that ALL residents remain vigilant and report any suspicious vehicles or activity to “111”. It is far better for Police to attend to these calls rather than respond to a historic burglary.

To transport the bigger items, Police believe that either a trailer or horse float/truck is being used.

Property owners can take simple steps to lower the risk of being a victim of such crimes:

  • Make sure your house, vehicles, sheds, and surrounding properties are secured at all times and use effective catches and locks.
  • Secure items of value close to your house rather then in sheds located away from your home.
  • Mark your property so it can be easily identified if recovered.
  • Let your neighbours know you are going on holiday or leaving your home overnight so they can keep an eye out on your property.
  • Reduce the opportunity by taking notice of who is out and about and talking to them (particularly if they aren’t locals), locking your house, removing keys, closing access gates (particularly to your driveway/house) and using chains to secure bigger items.
  • Your first concern should always be your own safety and that of others with you. Never take the law into your own hands or take unnecessary risks. If there are intruders on your property, call the Police. The Police are trained to deal with trespassers and other criminals. Incidents can quickly get out of hand.
  • If you have any other information relating to these burglaries and thefts, please call your local police station and explain the information you wish to provide and your call will be transferred to the correct location.

Otaki Police Found Property List # 6

Descriptiom Where found Date found
Greenstone necklace Otaki Beach Front 18/01/15
1 x kids Scooter Te Rauparaha Street 18/03/15
1 x kids Scooter Moana Street 19/03/15
1 x black BMX bike Moana Street 31/03/15
1 x Viva Alpinemountain bike Main Street 01/04/15
1 x MT-Fury mountain bike Main Street 01/04/15
1 x metal cash box Atmore Avenue 02/04/15
1 x fishing reel (without rod) Marine Parade 07/04/15
1 x brown toilet bag Aotaki Street 09/04/15
1 x Tarini mountain bike Main Highway 19/04/15

Are these yours?

Pink Purse — found on Main Street very near the walkway to the RSA on 16/01/15


 Main Highway Shopping area on 31/12/14|Pink Purse — found on Main Street very near the walkway to the RSA on 16/01/15
Main Highway Shopping area on 31/12/14

To claim any of the above items, contact Otaki Police on 364 7366.

Otaki Police Station