An End to Summer Sports

AP15_Interschool-swim.jpgWith the first term of the year already racing to an end, summer sports are winding up too.
Otaki College held their swimming sports at the beginning of March in what appeared to be a “drought breaker” event with competitors taking to the school pool in the heavy rain. The final races had to be postponed as the rain came bucketing down; it was almost wetter out of the pool than in it!

The House relays would be held at a later date. Competitors earned a point for the House for each event they were in with extra points for placings, making the day very competitive, as it wasn’t just the champions who gained points for the house.

In complete contrast, the combined Otaki schools swimming sports took place at the Haruatai Pool in blazing sunshine the following week! They had a busy programme with years four to eight swimmers from all the primary schools from Manakau to Te Horo, including the two kura. Both boys and girls events through each year group swam one and two length in freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. The afternoon finished with the ever popular relay with teams comprising each year level, the noisiest event of the day!

‘The athletics championships were held in February for the college and the Interschool athletics for primary schools will be held on March 24 at the Otaki Domain.

By Margaret Andrews